Nanorod goldacid

STEM of Nanorod goldacid

Nanorod-goldacid are a novel and  proprietary class of optical active nanoparticles of small size, homogeneously dispersed in aqueous solution for use in industrial and life sciences applications.
Nanorod-goldacid are synthesized using a green-chemistry low temperature method then functionalized with carboxyl terminated organic ligand, for further functionalization.
Nanorod-goldacid have demonstrated to respond to laser exposure (around 800 nm) converting the absorbed energy into heat with remarkable efficiency.
Nanorod-goldacid have been used as optical-responsive core in several life science applications.


Optical Density (804 nm): 155 – 277 (u.a)
Laser mediated hyperthermia (804 nm; 6W) 20 – 30 (W/OD)