Nanomag fluoPEG

Confocal miscroscopy image of Nanomag fluoPEG

Nanomag-fluoPEG are a novel and proprietary class of magnetic and fluorescent nanoparticles of small size, functionalized with organic ligand and Fluoresceine-488 and embedded in block copolymer, COOH terminated, homogeneously dispersed in buffer phosphate for use in industrial and as precursor for life science applications.
Nanomag-fluoPEG are synthesized using the polyol synthesis method, then functionalized with organic ligand and fluoresceine and embedded in the polymeric matrix after nanoprecipitation in aqueous medium.
At room temperature the assembly of particles behaves like a superparamagnet while near-to-zero properties reveal that the nanoparticles are blocked with remnant magnetization (Mr) and coercive field (Hc) different to zero.
Nanomag-fluoPEG have demonstrated to respond to alternating magnetic fields exposure (radio wave range) converting the absorbed energy into heat with remarkable efficiency (SAR – Specific Absorption Rate)
Nanomag-fluoPEG have been used in a broad variety of life science applications (see References).

Ms 300 K (Am²/kg) SQUID magnetometer 64 – 75
Ms 5 K (Am²/kg) SQUID magnetometer 75 – 81
Mr 5 K (Am²/kg) SQUID magnetometer 28 – 32
Hc 5 K (kA/m) SQUID magnetometer 18 – 22
R Mr/Ms SQUID magnetometer 0,35 – 0,39
RF mediated hyperthermia (H0 = 22 (kA/m); f = 356 (kHz)) (W/g) SQUID magnetometer 540 – 690