Nanomag dyPEG

Confocal miscroscopy image of Nanomag dyPEG

Nanomag-dyPEG are a novel and proprietary class of magnetic and fluorescent nanoparticles of small size, functionalized with an organic ligand and DyLight650® and embedded in block copolymer, carboxyl-terminated,  homogeneously dispersed in buffer phosphate for use in industrial and as precursor for life science applications.
Nanomag-dyPEG are synthesized using the polyol synthesis method, then functionalized with organic ligand and DyLight650® and embedded in the polymeric matrix after nanoprecipitation in aqueous medium.
At room temperature the assembly of particles behaves like a superparamagnet while near-to-zero properties reveal that the nanoparticles are blocked with remnant magnetization (Mr) and coercive field (Hc) different to zero.
Nanomag-dyPEG have demonstrated to respond to alternating magnetic fields exposure (radio wave range) converting the absorbed energy into heat with remarkable efficiency (SAR –Specific Absorption Rate)

Nanomag-dyPEG have been used in a broad variety of life science applications (see References).

Ms 300 K (Am²/kg) SQUID magnetometer 64 – 75
Ms 5 K (Am²/kg) SQUID magnetometer 75 – 81
Mr 5 K (Am²/kg) SQUID magnetometer 28 – 32
Hc 5 K (kA/m) SQUID magnetometer 18 – 22
R Mr/Ms SQUID magnetometer 0,35 – 0,39
RF mediated hyperthermia (H0 = 22 (kA/m); f = 356 (kHz)) (W/g) SQUID magnetometer 540 – 690